Emma Tuck portraitI am a self-taught artist and have been creating and making since I was a child. Today I am working with paper, print, paint, ink, pen and pencil; this will inevitably shift and evolve.

My work is informed by natural forms and patterns – spirals, fissures, branches, waves, plants, landscapes. But it is not about faithfully representing the natural world. It is about nature as it appears to me – inevitably refracted through the psychological, the political and the trivial. As I observe the world around me relentlessly wounded by human activity, I try to capture a trace of its extraordinary beauty.

I was born in Bristol and now live in Somerset. I spent many years in-between living on an organic smallholding/nature reserve in West Wales which has had a major impact on the importance of place in my work. I was awarded associate membership of the Society of Botanical Artists in 2011.

Many of my prints and drawings are for sale – please contact me by email if you would like to buy any of my work. I am also happy to consider projects or commissions that complement my interests.

(Photo by Dan Hopkins)